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the Rachy lifestyle
the Rachy dress lifestyle

Tell us about the Rachy brand.

When you think about Rachy the brand, words that resonate are elegance, quality, designed and made in South Africa, and most important, comfort.

We want you to be yourself in our clothing, stand out in the crowd and embrace the Rachy lifestyle.

We want to bring beautifully designed clothing, with added timeliness and a modern twist, to all men and women in South Africa.

We are a body inclusive brand, we want our customers of all shapes and sizes to feel special in Rachy clothing.

Did you always want to be in design?

My love for fashion came from my beloved parents. My mother and aunt always sewed dresses for us for Christmas and other occasions.

They were always unique and special as no one else had the same thing as us! My father had a talent for drawing and painting.

I found myself having inherited a little of his passion! So I used to draw when I was alone in my room. One day my father asked me what I really wanted to study because he understood that I was bored with my studies. And it all started from there.

I have always loved fashion. It started since I was a little girl, and I remember my Barbie dolls were my models. I was experimenting on them with different outfits made by myself or just cutting or changing their original clothing designs.

How does it feel to share your designs and hard work with the world?

I’m proud to be able to share my designs with the world, but most of the time it’s intimating. I always focus on what is not perfectly done and even when it’s 80% perfect, that 20% that maybe you could not see, will stay in my mind.

Even when I’m doing something for myself I end up throwing it away and decide not to wear it or show it to others if it is not 100% perfect.

I know this is a big flaw but I don’t dare take risks sharing what I don’t feel is the best I can do.I love what I do and go to bed every night thinking and dreaming of new unique designs!

I’m so grateful to my husband who is making this happen – my dream is becoming a reality! His trust and confidence in what I do is incredible.

What’s next for Rachy?

In five years’ time, we want our team to be the best at what they are doing and then we can be known as the most comfortable and stylish brand. Not only in South Africa but Internationally. I want Rachy to be synonymous with comfort, quality and design.

We want to grow our business to allow us to be able to hire more local men and women to help them support their families too.